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KAPOW! Smiles Launch Media Statement

KAPOW! Smiles launches Australia's freshest teeth whitening brand - The fun new way to whiten your teeth with the latest LED technology. 

Newly formed teeth whitening company, KAPOW! Smiles, launches this week with the debut of its first product: an all-inclusive DIY home teeth whitening kit. This high quality, simple to use pack is available now via the company's website, followed by a curated pop-up retail launch expected in 2017.

If the high quality products alone weren't enough to peak your interest, the branding certainly will. With illustrations transported directly from the vintage pop art era and fused with a new millennium twist, the eye catching visuals of the KAPOW! Smiles brand sure pack a punch (no pun intended). Supported by the featured heroine, Pearl, the branding elements denote leadership and command attention. Boeing in the digital era, KAPOW! Smiles will emphasise its social media platforms with frequent giveaways via their Facebook & Instagram channels and through meet & greets with Pearl around the country.

KAPOW! Smiles is the brainchild of founder David Fry, a leader in oral hygiene and expert within the home teeth whitening industry, and the pioneer that started the company Whiter Smile over 12 years ago – Australia’s first online retailer of home teeth whitening products. Concerned with the influx of sub-par quality DIY products cropping up, he saw an opening in the marketplace for a high strength, dentist quality solution. Selecting the perfect formula of 100% kosher ingredients (meaning no fillers or additives used), the 18% carbamide peroxide gel in KAPOW! Smiles kit’s feature an enhanced stabilisation and optimised pH level for increased whitening performance, which also reduces any potential tooth sensitivity. The unique whitening formula is then further activated by the use of 6 LED light technology.

Results work fast and will be noticeable within few days. However, as each person’s teeth respond to whitening treatment with varying degrees of speed and effectiveness, the brand guarantees results by providing continuous support until you are 100% happy. The guarantee is, if after a completion of a full treatment of 9 applications you have not seen at least a couple shades difference, KAPOW! Smiles will send you a refill gel pack (an additional 9 treatments) absolutely free - which will be certain to do the job! Considered to be among the first to offer a promise of customer satisfaction, the kit provides a fuss free DIY home teeth whitening solution to obtain a brilliant smile that you can feel confident about.

Available now at - Pricing / Retail starting at $99.95 (Agent Zero Kit).

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