Not even our psychic abilities were powerful enough for us to know we would be so popular and run out of stock! Don't worry, we have more coming with an ETA of late October. As an added bonus, ALL preorders will receive a FREE Rapid Refill Kit ($40 value) and Bonus Trays ($10 value). Don't want to wait? Check out our Lifesaver Pack with FREE Coconut Charcoal Polish!
Teeth Whitening LED Light

6 LED Meteoric Whitening Light


Our LED Meteoric Whitening Booster Light uses the same "Blue Spectrum" technology that is used by dentists during professional laser teeth whitening. By using our light during your KAPOW! Whitening session, it will both enhance and speed up your results. Our lights are uniquely designed with 6 LED bulbs, compared to only 1 LED in our competitors kit's which is not strong enough for serious whitening action! Will fit perfectly against all KAPOW! mouth trays and work with all KAPOW! whitening gels.

LED Light

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