KAPOW! Smiles is specifically designed to make whitening your teeth as simple as possible and include easy to understand illustration instructions so you can whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home whilst providing dentist quality results! 

STEP 1 - Mould Your Mouth Trays

Boil a pan of water approximately 4" in depth so that the tray will be fully immersed (excluding tab). After the water has come to a boil, turn the heat down so it stops boiling. While holding the tab, place the tray in the hot water for 5 seconds. Place mouth tray into your mouth covering upper teeth. Close your mouth and suck all the air and excess water from mouth tray creating suction between mouth tray and teeth. Gently push the tray into your teeth by pushing on your upper lip with your fingers. Wait 10 seconds before removing mouth tray from mouth and allow to dry. Repeat process for bottom tray.

how-to-mould-mouth-trays   how-to-wear-teeth-whitening-mouth-trays

STEP 2 - Trim Mouth Trays To Correct Height

After moulding both mouth trays, use scissors to cut any excess from the tops of the trays at the gum-line. Trimming the trays will avoid any possibly soft tissue irritation caused by whitening.


STEP 3 - Apply Teeth Whitening Gel

Place a small drop of gel on each tooth impression on the upper and lower mouth trays (important do not overload - less is best). Insert the upper and lower trays into your mouth and rest properly into the teeth impressions. Put gentle pressure on the upper mouth by pushing on your upper lip with your fingers in order to insure a tight fit. Do the same with the lower mouth tray.

how-to-apply-teeth-whitening-gel   how-to-whiten-teeth

STEP 4 - Activate LED Light & Whiten Teeth

The LED whitening light is used at the same time to help speed up your results. Open the battery lid and remove the protective battery slip underneath the batteries. Reinsert batteries and ensure lid is tightly locked. Place your lips over the clear plastic mouthpiece and turn on your light be pressing the middle button. For best results, use the light every time you whiten your teeth.

Wear move trays for approximately 30-45 minutes total time. We recommend starting at 30 minutes and gradually increasing the amount of time worn. Remove mouth trays and rinse in cold water. Store in a clean, dry place. Repeat daily until ideal shade of white is achieved.


STEP 5 - Remineralise

Rinse the trays with cold water and allow to dry. Apply a string of desensitising gel to the front inner surface of your upper and lower trays and wear for 10 minutes. Expel any remaining gel (do not rinse) and refrain from the consumption of food or beverage for 30 minutes. If after this tine any gel remains, rinse mouth with water. 




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