Rewards Program

We want to reward our loyal customers! So when you create an account, like us on social media or shop with us, you will get loyalty points which will give you some great rewards! To join click on our "Rewards Program" box at the bottom of any page.

Collect 200 Points and you will receive a $20 Off Coupon 
Collect 500 Points and you will receive a $50 Off Coupon 
Collect 1000 Points and you will receive a $100 Off Coupon 

How To Collect Points?

Spend $1 - Get 1 Point
Creating an Account - 100 Points
100 Points on your Birthday (one month notice)
Refer a Friend - 100 Points (+ your friend will get 20% Off)
Like us on Facebook - 25 Points
Share us on Facebook - 25 Points
Follow us on Instagram - 25 Points 
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