Agent Zero Whitening Kit + 12 Months FREE Refill Gel + BONUS Mouth Tray Set

Agent Zero Whitening Kit + 12 Months FREE Refill Gel + BONUS Mouth Tray Set
Agent Zero Whitening Kit + 12 Months FREE Refill Gel + BONUS Mouth Tray Set


Purchase any AGENT KIT and receive a bonus 10 grams teeth whitening gel FREE to last you another 12 months! (additional 20 treatments)


Our Agent Zero Kit is specifically designed for those who want maximum whitening results with zero fuss. Includes everything needed to whiten your teeth fast!


  • 3 x 5g KAPOW! Rapid Whitening Gels (15 Upper & 15 Lower Treatments)
  • 6 LED Meteoric Whitening Light
  • Mouldable Mouth Trays + Hygienic Case
  • Desensitision Gel + Shade Guide
  • User's Manual + Social Sign
  • + FREE Express Post
  • + BONUS Mouth Tray Set (Limited Time)
  • + 12 Months EXTRA Refill Gel (Limited Time)


  • Strongest whitening strength available in Australia
  • Easy to use from the comfort of your own home
  • Includes everything needed to whiten your teeth
  • Both ACCC & FDA approved and cruelty free
  • 100% pure with no dangerous fillers or additives
  • Whitens tobacco, coffee, antibiotic, genetic stains
  • Same whitening formula as sold in dental offices
  • Whiter teeth guaranteed

Why Our Gel Is Better

Our professional strength teeth whitening formula, comprised of 18% carbamide peroxide, is specially formulated with the highest quality standards and abides to all Australian regulations and deemed safe by the ACCC and TGA. To obtain the quickest and most desirable whitening or bleaching results, it is important to have a dentist grade, high quality product that you can count on. Our gel uses a very powerful high-viscosity 'sticky' gel that ensures proper distribution and adhesion during your teeth whitening sessions.

Powerful Teeth Whitening Formula, No Harmful Chemicals, Dentist Approved


Our mouldable mouth trays are made of a flexible substance, which when heated as instructed in our included User Manual, will contour to the shape of your own mouth and teeth. This achieves a truly customised whitening experience that provides you with the best results for your unique teeth structure.


Everyone wants a beautiful whiter smile but some people's teeth are just too sensitive to the whitening gel which can cause discomfort during the session. To allow everyone to be able to whiten their teeth, we have included our desensitising gel in our KAPOW! Whitening Kit to help revitalise your enamel and make tooth pain a thing of the past!

Teeth Whitening Fastest Results


Our LED Meteoric Whitening Booster Light uses the same "Blue Spectrum" technology that is used by dentists during professional laser teeth whitening. By using our light during your KAPOW! session, it will both enhance and speed up your results. Our lights are uniquely designed with 6 LED bulbs, compared to only 1 LED in our competitors kit's which is not strong enough for serious whitening action!

LED Whitening, No Sensitivity, Whiter Teeth Guaranteed

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11 Dec 2020

Happy with results

Only used once so far and happy with the process. I received the same level of result from a $600 zoom teeth whitening treatment with my dentist so this is much more cost effective.

Jessica B.
Australia Australia
13 Oct 2020

Best teeth whitener that I've used

I've tried every teeth whitener under the sun and nothing has ever given me obvious results. However after a few days of Kapow I can see an obvious difference. It's worth the $$ if you really want the results.

Chris D.
Australia Australia
03 Oct 2020

its ok

needs more instructions, like how often to use, how to deal with excess saliva, etc. the moulds didnt really soften up much after dunking them in boiling water so i'm doing what i can with what i have

Claudia P.
Australia Australia
30 Aug 2020

Effective but uncomfortable

The mouldable trays that come with this kit are quite soft and thick, and don't set to a rigid plastic, but retain some flexibility. Some people might prefer this but I found them quite uncomfortable to wear -- there was about a centimetre's worth of plastic between my upper and lower teeth when I wore both trays at once, which felt unnatural for me. If you usually breathe through your mouth, this may not be an issue! After using one full syringe, I would say that I've seen a shift in tone, but not a dramatic one. The bleach seems to remove stains more than 'whiten', which given that dentin is naturally yellowish makes sense. I'm happy with the results, I just wish using this kit had been more comfortable.

United States United States
28 Jul 2020


When I opened the box there was whitening gel everywhere as the cap had not been put on one and had gone right through the box.

Ruby C.
Australia Australia


Sold Out